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Questions for the Group

Question for all you smart peeps:

I want to do more exercising at home and I'm interested in what sorts of equipment people find to be really essential for their home workouts.

I already walk a lot and I want to get back into running. I already have a yoga mat. I have a mish-mosh of a few hand weights. I've thought about rowing machines, but now I have a kayak so maybe not.

Some suggestions I've seen in books and online are:
* a more complete set of small hand weights (two 3 pounds, two 5 pounds, etc)
* an exercise band (in the pics it's a stretchy thing with two handles and some sort of hook in the middle -- you attach it to doors and such and then pull, or stand on it and then pull
* big inflated exercise ball

I don't really want to buy huge gym equipment or spend a ton of money -- instead I'm looking for a few simple items that might enhance the stuff I already have for free (gravity and my own weight). But if there's some amazing piece of equipment that will really help, then I'd be willing to research it further.

So what are your favorites? I know there are people who read me who are super fantastic at exercise and gym stuff -- what would you recommend as being really useful?

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Feb. 24th, 2012 02:20 pm (UTC)
If you call or come see me I will help you with this. I just feel that writing it is a barrier.
Feb. 24th, 2012 02:24 pm (UTC)
My mom was put on a regiment of mandatory exercise during her chemo, because the meds were associated with muscle wasting. Her oncologist recommended the stretchy bands, and they were great for her. Super-compact, very inexpensive as exercise gear goes, and versatile. I understand they can be used in combination with yoga, too.
Feb. 24th, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
I love, love, love my ball! It's good for making some weight-training exercises a bit more challenging, it's wonderful for stretching, it's great for being able to do some other w-t exercises at all, it's good for some other floor exercises, too.

My only thought on exercise bands -- and since Sabrina lives relatively nearby she can probably help you out with this -- is whether your doors/hinges/frames are up to the kind of force you'll be exerting on them. Our condo is relatively new construction, and I'm sometimes worried about using the thicker physical-therapy-type resistance bands on them. My impression is that exercise bands also come in different levels of resistance. While I'm sure my doors could handle low, maybe even moderate, I'd want an opinion from someone more familiar with high resistance bands before even trying to use them on the condo's doors.
Feb. 25th, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
I got resistance bands for my physical therapy after tearing my ACL. I've had no problems with the hinges for even the strongest ones.
Feb. 24th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
I have one of those over the door pull up thingies (which still stymies me), handweights, a Nordic Trac and a number of wii exercise games along with the balance board. (Yoga/Pilates, Ea Sports Active 2 and Cardio Boxing).
Feb. 25th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
I love my hand weights I want to build long lean muscles so I tend to use lighter weights and do small quick reps. I do Zumba for cardio and I have a stationary bike I got off eBay. Also a yoga mat, blocks and a cord. I also use a couple DVD I can recommend some if you like
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