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If a gummy bear goes to a support group, what kind of group is it?

a) strictly for gummy bears
b) for different kinds of candy (swedish fish, twizzlers, and snickers?)
c) for different kinds of bears (gummy, grizzly, and sleepytime?)

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May. 28th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
Well, there *are* support groups strictly for gummy bears, but it's hard to find them outside of a big city. When gummy bears try to start gb-only groups in less-populated areas, they tend to fall apart because of lack of attendance.

Both of the other groups can lead to problems, obviously. The candy support groups tend to become cliqueish rather quickly. The Snickers and Milky Ways and other Mars candies tend to think they're better than the other candy, so can be rather rude to the singletons. You'd think that the Twizzlers would be friendlier, but they tend to be rather snappish and only travel in packs. Yes, the Swedish Fish are gummies themselves, but they're Swedish -- if they go to support groups at all, they tend to be extremely stand-offish because they don't think they really need to be there. And there's that whole speaking in Swedish thing.

The bear groups can be rough -- sometimes the black bears and the grizzlies have trouble distinguishing between other support group members and food -- but it's probably the most welcoming to gummies. Bears are bears, after all. The gummies' biggest challenge isn't actually the hungry bears, though -- it's being careful around the stuffies. Stuffies tend to be very friendly and like to hug a lot, but this can be a problem for the gummies if a stuffy's fur tends to shed ... or if they get stuck. The pain of separation can be hard.

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